I was Canterbury Laureate from July 2009 to December 2010. I was delighted to receive a Grant for the Arts to write a full-length poetry collection based on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales 

Telling Tales is a live reading set on a London-Canterbury Routemaster bus, stopping in several towns en route, where 25 local characters (including MC and promoter) read or perform their monologues and narrative poems. It’s a mobile gig and, like Chaucer’s original, a competition, a one-round poetry slam. You, the reader, decide who wins.  

About Patience Agbabi

PatiencePearl by Lyndon Douglas (2)

Photo: Lyndon Douglas

Renowned for her perfomances on page and stage, Patience Agbabi’s poems have been broadcast on television and radio all over the world. Her work has also appeared on the London Underground and human skin. In 2004 she was nominated one of the UK’s Next Generation Poets.

She has lectured in Creative Writing at several UK universities including Greenwich, Cardiff and Kent. She is currently a Fellow in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University.

She’s published three poetry collections, R.A.W. (Gecko Press, 1995), Transformatrix (Canongate Books, 2000) and Bloodshot Monochrome (Canongate Books, 2008). This forthcoming collection will be published by Canongate in April 2014.