in sondry londes

Happy Whan That Aprill Day!

Arizona State University 2018

A few days before April 1, 2018…

I took part in a brilliant Chaucer Day at Arizona State University (thank you, Richard Newhauser). High school pupils were invited to hear Kim Zarins and me read our Canterbury Tales retellings, then taken on a tour of the campus including some rather delicious original manuscripts in the library. Very warm weather and Chaucer, what more could one wish for?

Been meaning for some time to do a USA retrospective since I’ve had the good fortune to be invited to several universities the past few years to celebrate all things Chaucer. Special greetings to LeVostreGC for recommending Telling Tales to all his Twitter followers, plus Jonathan Hsy and Candace Barrington of the Global Chaucers Project. It’s a whistle-stop tour so hold on tight while I take you back in time…

to my mini-tour, November 2017, when I read at Vasser College (thank you, Dorothy Kim) and got to handle some original Edna St Vincent Millay; (followed by a day trip to New York for the first time which was exciting and apologies to SUNY for not dropping in, there just wasn’t time but didn’t we have a great session in London that summer!); then Boston College (thank you, Eric Weiskott and James Smith) where I met some wonderfully keen students, one of whom wrote a review

and further back to October 2016, just BEFORE that US election, when I had the pleasure of taking part in a medieval symposium on the concept of Refuge at George Washington University; where I read The Refugee’s Tale from the Refugee Tales anthology; experienced the great felaweshipe of my wonderful hosts Jeffrey Cohen, Jonathan Hsy et al.; and took a stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue…

Selfie Outside Whitehouse 2016

Looking forward to University of Southern California this Autumn or  Fall, if you prefer. In the meantime, fellow Chaucerians, enjoy the yonge sonne…

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