Prologue (Grime Mix)

626 years ago to the day, Chaucer’s pilgrims began their pilgrimage from London to Canterbury. Here’s a video of me peforming the opening to my version of The Canterbury Tales at the English and Media emagazine conference last year. The audience was 700 enthusiastic A ‘Level students!


9 thoughts on “Prologue (Grime Mix)

    • Thanks!

      Was a great gig. I’m trying to spread the word about Chaucer to the youth. The book comes out April 2014. Had a title but publishers want another one so back to the drawing board…

      Best wishes

  1. Patience, I’ve just seen this video and it’s amazing. Everyone should see and hear what you’re doing with Chaucer – the poet who, in my view, ought to be our national icon rather than Shakespeare. And what you do here with the ‘afterlife’ of his work shows why. Fabulous!

    • Thanks, Gail for such wonderful enthusiasm from such an expert as yourself. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. Was writing the final poem last month which will appear in the next issue of Magma. And am now frantically doing final edits with an end of June deadline. I hope there’s still time to do your questions which were great but need time to answer properly.

      • There’s plenty of time for the questions Patience. I’m just so glad you’re able to respond to them at all. I shall look out for the Magma edition

        Best   Gail

    • Thanks for giving me the A* Steve! It’s actually based on grime (I know, that was partly based on hip hop). But it’s a slow grime mix so I guess has more of a rap inflection. There’s another piece in the book that’s manic and below-the-belt. I watched hoodies on YouTube who were brilliant and tried to replicate their style.

    • Dear Eliza, Thanks for your lovely comment. I still have great memories of the EMC conference. The book will be out in April and touring April to October next year in ‘every shires ende/of Engelond’ and I suspect Scotland too!!

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