Was She Worth It? Part 4


One year on,                     debt paid off,
Valentine’s Day,             Battle of Bingo.     
First prize                          blind date,
one will win,                     one will lose.
Emily’s judge,                  wink the winner,
Glitter ball,                       glints, glimmers,
amorous knights,           glamorous girl,
ladies and gents,             let battle commence:

Number One,                   Number Two,
Twist my tongue,        One up on you,
This is war,                      This is work,
She loves me more,      She’s spoken for,
See Emily play,              A winning line,
Only sixteen,                   59, 
She loves a rhyme,       Prefers a prime,
She worships me,          Her weekly shrine,

Her eyes are the sun,   Her eyes are blue,
It’s a metaphor,              it’s nearly new,
I’m laureate,                    I’m numerate,
Little black number,     007,     

She winked at you,           She winked at me,
She winked at you.           She looked straight through,
Then all is gone,                straight through my heart.  
I’ve lost, you’ve won,      No. I’ve lost too.


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