Queen of the Castle!

I’ve conceived a new character. Not a Knight to tell the Knight’s Tale, but a queen, a drag queen! I think it was inspired, if that’s the word, by visiting the Elephant and Castle shopping centre and remembering it’s camp as christmas days but noticing the Bingo Palace on the second floor and letting my mind wander. I did a virtual tour of various Bingo Palace’s which were quite disappointing. I was expecting the camp Victorian-style venues with red velvet curtains and mirrorballs. Instead, they looked clean but cloned. Part of a chain. Which they are. So I decided Bingo Palace should be rebranded (like Margate) and in doing that, the whole of the shopping centre would be glammed up. So I have a few ideas which I’m not giving away at the moment, not that I’m being precious or superstitious. Just that I’m going on holiday and haven’t packed anything yet. But was feeling guilty that I’d neglected this blog recently so wanted to touch base before disappearing. Worry not. The Canterbury Tales (as opposed to Chaucer’s Complete Works) arrived so it is on my bed to be packed. It will be my bible, my complete works of Shakespeare on the (desert) isle of Purbeck. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Queen of the Castle!

  1. Hi Patience
    Really interested to catch up on your progress. A drag queen sounds great, and full of possibilities. I don’t know how long drag has been around, but of course it goes back to Shakespearian theatre and beyond. I saw a fantastic all-male version of As You Like it with Adrian Lester as Rosalind, and watching him as a man playing a woman pretending to be a man set up a whole set of mirrors reflecting mirrors.

    Elephant and Castle: did you know that Erno Goldfinger, the chief planner, gave his name to the James Bond villain? He was a Hungarian socialist, married a Cross & Blackwell heiress. It made me think about how our culture is overlaid by layer upon layer of unexpected juxtapositions…

    Good luck with the continuing saga, and have a good holiday. I have been obsessing over Margate…


    • Hi Vicky,
      Thanks for your comment. Lovely to get some feedback. And what an amazing juxtaposition! Great things often come from such clashes. Not sure the Elephant shopping centre is one of them but I bet they were an interesting couple. Love to have been a fly on the wall.
      As for Margate, I spent a weekend there about ten years ago. I imagine it still looks the same (did you watch The Apprentice when they had to ‘rebrand Margate’ – a great episode!) I love the fact that the train stops almost on the beach, as if you’re at the end of the world…Do keep in touch…

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