Canterbury – The Gig!

I did it. I met the deadline and wrote something I’m proud of. The gig was the University of Kent, one of their weekly reading spots. A nice gig. Felt quite emotional cos I used to work there and was never really myself as trying not to projectile vomit in the early stages of pregnancy. But, yes, I’m proud. It was a busy month gig-wise and yet I managed to come up with something with lots an lots of potential. The trick is to work on the performance now! Just listened to the recording and really really really a performance in progress. But hey, the writing ain’t bad. It sounds nothing like the voice in my head which is me trying to be this 25-year old rapper from Canterbury. I sound really really nervous, which I was. The recorder don’t lie. Intro isn’t bad though, for a uni gig. Sets up the project nicely. What a week! Has taken me a week to psyche up the courage to listen to it. And try to get over trapped nerve in shoulder and get my head round the miracle of acupuncture. But here I am a week ago at the University of Kent at Canterbury. A wonderful, warm and erudite audience. A packed auditorium. Signed and sold loads of books.

And now the scarey bit. Vicky asked the million dollar question and I don’t quite know the answer yet? Which tale do I tackle next?…


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