So the last shall be first – Matthew 20:16

I’m working on The Parson’s Tale. The only reason I’m tackling the longest and by a long shot the most boring tale first is I’d like to showcase it at my Uni Kent reading next month. 2 March to be exact. The last tale was told in Canterbury so it would be a nice gesture to the city to have a bash at it. Gives me a long time to revise it if it’s total rubbish. Which it shouldn’t be. But will definitely need lots of editing after I’ve written some of the other pieces. Decided that as it isn’t a ‘murie tale in prose’ at all, but a long and turgid sermon, I should make mine more sermon-like and the obvious delivery was rap because rap plays with language but can get away with being preachy.  And then I realised that the word ‘rap’ can be extracted from P A R S O N so am now working on an anagram for the teller of the tale. It won’t work for all tales but will be fun. There must be a good anagram website out there. I didn’t expect to be writing the biog for the teller before the tale but it kind of makes sense for this one. A 25 year old Canterbury-based rapper who knows his theology. I need to hang out in Canterbury again soon to soak up the vibe once I’ve written a first draft. Also got to find that fantastic rap tape Carl did for me a decade ago. I’m going for Old Skool rap (it’s a Chaucer rewrite so I want to keep a retro flavour) but there’s one track in particular about key figures in the bible being Black that should feed into my piece. So watch this space…


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